Intent to Form Request

Intent to Form Request

In order to form a new organization and gain University recognition, you must fill out the following form and attend a training with a Student Involvement Staff member in the Center for Campus Life. Once your form is submitted, please visit the Events tab on TechConnect to RSVP for an Intent to Form training.

During the training, we will discuss the mission and vision you have for the purposed organization as well as the requirements you will need to fulfill in order to register.

After the training, if you choose to move forward with registration, your Intent to Form request will be approved. This is a temporary status, which lasts 30 days and allows the non-registered group the privileges of a registered organization. The 30-day time period should be used to recruit new members, develop a constitution and by-laws, and obtain a permanent full-time faculty/staff advisor. 

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Please provide the following information.
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